The most powerful POLO ever produced by Volkswagen.

Quoted price rm138,888
Discount rm35,000
Our price rm103,888

Loan 90% x rm138,888 = rm125,000
Cash refund rm21,112
Low interest.

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Powered by a 1.8 liter 20 valve (5 valve per cylinder) turbocharged inline-4 engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox, the 0 to 100km/h sprint in the 1,164kg Polo GTI takes 8.2 seconds. The turbocharged engine is a familiar one as a variation of it has been used in many Volkswagen and Audi cars including the Mk4 Golf GTI. It produces 150 horsepower at 5,800rpm and a 220Nm of torque peaking at a low 1,950rpm, staying constant all the way up to 4,500rpm.

Safety features include ESP stability control, TCS traction control to reel in the wheelspin, and Electronic Differential Lock (EDL), which brakes an individual driven wheel when the ABS sensors detect the wheel is slipping so that power is transmitted to the wheel with better traction. EDL functions at speeds up to 40km/h. These three systems work together to ensure you do not get into trouble with the Polo GTI. You’ve got 4 airbags - front and side.

Wheels are 16 inch wrapped with 205/45R16 tyres - this means the CrossPolo’s wheels are even bigger, but I’m sure Volkswagen engineers have packaged this particular wheel and tyre size to work well with the rest of the suspension and chassis parameters.

The Volkswagen Polo GTI goes for RM139,960 without insurance.

Source: PAUL TAN

PAUL TAN, 'The Polo is for people who enjoy smashing their crotch against something hard as they chase about a field trying to hit a ball in exactly the sweet spot that will make it travel significantly instead of just swinging a long stick aimlessly around'.

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